Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On being thankful

I am always just so satisfied when the month of November arrives.  There is something in me that just feels at peace and it is so good. 

It is revitalizing how our spirits become uplifted at the thought of expressing our thanks.  It is such a wise practice.  One that I want to be more intentional in.  One that I want to model for my daughter more consistently.  One which I am called to do continually.

So, I will strive to be more faithful in this area during the wonderful month of November, when we are reminded in a more heavy way to be thankful.  I hope that I continue this well into 2011.


First off…I am thankful for my dear friend Sarah.  She is patient with me.  She shows me grace when I take way too long to call her back.  She is wise.  She is hungry and ready to hear from the Lord, and always has such a beautiful way of relating that onto others.  She loves life and is ready to actively participate in it!  She knows that I love the fall and miss my childhood home so much during these months, so she sends my family fall leaves.  She is my pen pal (and remains faithful in this even when I go too long without writing back).  Sarah, you are a blessing to me!  I am so thankful for you.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

you made me cry. i am so thankful for you! much, much love!