Saturday, November 6, 2010

And it indeed was a celebration…

I just love my husband.  He is most everything I can imagine a good and gracious God giving me in my best friend.  I am thankful.  Woosh…loads of happy.

So, here I am…a month (and then some) late, but we were so thankful to be able to get away for our 5 year anniversary and to just enjoy being together.  To not order our day around nap times; to sleep in if we wanted (although there was not a single day that we did!); to have long conversations, uninterrupted, one after another; and to be able to just focus on the other person.  It was a dream. 

Oh my goodness, and we got to experience the celebration of 5 most beautiful (and crazy, and humbling, and not easy yet ever so worthy) in the most amazing country of Ireland.  So grateful.


(do you like our fortune from Pei Wei on our evening out when we bought our travel book?!)

I truly don’t even know when to begin.  I’ve actually been putting this post off for some time now because I feel like this was just a treasure of a time period for us – how do I begin to document it with words?!  But (laugh with me, please!)  I’ll want this in our blog book, so I’m going to post some highlights of this most incredible part of the world we got to love in!

Day One: Beginning our adventure in Cork and driving to Dublin


Day Two: Beginning in Dublin - this is silly, but I gave the Guinness Tour it’s own collage…


Continuing on from Dublin / Day Three of the amazing, AMAZING western coast:


The Cliffs of Moher, I truly don’t have the words:


What would a true Wallace blog be without our food?  This is a compilation of all the deliciousness:


Day Four: The Dingle Peninsula, my favorite part of the trip!


It was a beautiful time.  Our memories are rich, we are thankful!


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anne said...

it looks so wonderful!

seems like just yesterday we were over in europe snapping photos of donald for his beloved girlfriend angela.