Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Co-Op

Oh goodness, have we found something that makes us happy!  About 2 months ago, our family joined a Farmer’s Market co-op in the area – and it has been amazing!  (Truth be told, we actually split with donald’s parents at times because we can’t eat everything!).  With the co-op you’re able to get amazing deals on produce, because you buy by the case – something that is doable when 12 families are pitching in!

It was our family’s turn to shop this past week – and donald’s parents watched abi for us in the AM – enabling donald & I to have an early morning date!  Delight.  What a treat to rise at 5:00 AM…hit up starbucks…and meet some farmers at the farmer’s market!  I was both giddy and intimidated!  When we arrived at the FM – I didn’t quite know what to expect – you see Abi and I used to go all the time before we joined the co-op – but that was a TOTALLY different experience than what we experienced at 5:45!  It was awesome talking to the farmers (they’re there at 3 in the morning!) – getting phenomenal deals (we are totally robbed at the grocery stores) – and really enjoying a totally new experience!

Upon arriving…


And upon departure…


All our goodies when we got home, unloaded and ready to sort for the other families to come and pick-up!


Abi & Malia sorting…


Beautiful.  This picture just makes me happy.  Thankfulness!


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Laura Stiller said...

Okay, I hope you don't think this weird, but I worked with Donald & Pine Cove and I think I found your blog a long time ago from a friend's blog. You know how that blog stalking works - you're bored so you start clicking on links!

Anyways - we live in east Dallas and I'm dying to know what farmers market co-op you're a part of. I've looked into CSA farms before and have heard good things about Urban Acres - but I didn't know the Farmer's Market downtown had a co-op. Could you just shoot me an email ( with a website or contact info or something? I'm totally interested in joining one of these!