Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Combo Post: Baby Wallace: 27 Weeks & On Being Thankful

Nothin’ like a good ol’ combo post to speed along the blogging list that is ever in my mind!

Week #27 has been here and is now gone!  This is life, isn’t it?! 


(Not the most awesome preggo pic in terms of visuals of the belly, but we love it for reasons to be listed below!)

At week #27 of growth, baby Wallace:

Is still a mystery!  But, I am increasingly more convinced that baby is a boy, 3 dreams later!  Just laugh at me if I’m proven wrong in early February!

Is the size of a head of cauliflower, about 14 1/2 inches long and weighs 2 pounds!

This week of life has proven busy (with a trip to Houston to celebrate nephew Joshua’s upcoming 3rd birthday!) and trying to really get the big items checked off of our “Family Do” List.  Sometimes I would just kill for more hours in the day.  But, this would be silly and a waste as I am dead to the world come 9:30 PM.

I thankfully passed the glucose-screening test – hooray! 

I am really starting to feel pregnant.  I definitely think that I look further along than I am, but thankfully every other momma with multiple pregnancies tells me the same thing!  Just no tummy muscles left in there!  Baby keeps on moving and moving.  Up at night – sometimes almost feeling like a sick-to-my-stomach feeling because of this little gymnast!

Amazing baby changes this week: Baby is awake and asleep at regular intervals, opening their eyes, and maybe even sucking that darling thumb!  Baby hiccups are in the forecast too.

Abi changes:  Still convinced she’s getting a brother, with an occasional sister thrown in there.  She is so darling and special it just melts my heart.  She constantly talks about how much she loves the baby, that baby is always included in her activities (we’ll see the validity of that in May of next year!), and is just so inclusive in her view of our family!  I am so humbled by her beautiful little heart.  We have begun to talk about Abi getting a new bed and that baby will be getting her current one – and this is an exciting prospect…long may it continue!



You may think that there are just three people pictured in the snapshot above…but there are 4!  We are so excited that Abi will be getting her first girl cousin in April of next year!  HOORAY!  We are so thankful for the family that God has graciously given us, it truly is humbling.  We know that beautiful baby girl McGown will be loved and cherished, and we pray a beautiful and significant life over her!

To our McGown family:

Thank you for your generosity and hospitality when we are in Spring.  We love being in your home!  Thank you for driving the long I-45 to Dallas and making special weekends a priority.  Thank you for loving our Abi and encouraging her to be the little lady that God has designed her to be.  Thank you for your love, thoughtfulness, and encouragement in life.  We are grateful!

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Kelly said...

I don't know how it is that I just found your blog (off Chelle's blog), but so glad I did!! And how exciting about Jenny having a little girl! Can't wait to find out what you are having:)