Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Full Circle

Dearest friends, you know how I love to recycle.  This just might be the best story yet.

These chairs (there are two) have been in my acquaintance for going on13+ years.  Here is their story:

They were first bought by Julie & Steve Neiheisel.  They then traveled from X,Ohio to Rochester Hills, Michigan where they resided across the street from my parent’s home.  This is when I met these chairs.  As a freshman in high school, babysitting for Julie & Steve’s lovely little girls (well, upon first meeting, just one girl – Megan). 

These chairs hung out in the family room, and had lots of well wishers sit upon them, until J&S decided to redo their family room – right around the time that I was heading off to my junior year at Texas A&M and my house needed some chairs.  Lucky me. 

So, these chairs made the LONG journey in the back of a u-haul, down from Detroit, through St. Louis and ending up in College Station.  There they had a good home.  They saw lots of tears, laughs, and food/drink spilled.  This is a good life for chairs.  Yet through two years of school, they remained comfy and looked pretty good too!

Then came marriage.  D&A needed something to sit on in Dallas.  So, once again, they got loaded up in a u-haul and drove up to Dallas to sit on bamboo flooring in Uptown.  They thought, ahhh – this is it.  But then a cat came home.  He really liked these chairs.  As did his nails (because his silly owners – well, OK mainly one owner – doesn’t like declawing kitties, so he still has his) – and now I curse those nails quite frequently!  So, one chair had some pain.

And then came baby.  Momma found that these chairs were fantastic for nursing.  Plans were made to keep one in baby’s room.  But, by this time, chairs are looking not as good – but they still feel amazing.  So, they got loaded up once again and journeyed down the road, past a lake, and found a new home.  Where a transformation began.

Exhibit A: The sister-chair still sitting in our guest room/toy room / not quite sure what you are room, awaiting transformation in months/years to come:


Transformation made possible by the amazingly talented Mary Wallace.  Phenomenal.  Really.




We love it so much, it deserved to be the word of the day!


To complete the journey, I know these chairs would only be happy if they were being used.  So to continue their contentment – life as it should be:





Rachel said...

That's such a neat story! Maybe Abi will one day take those chairs to college!

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