Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smiling at Our # 4

Today is a good day. I really love October 1st. Some of the most beautiful memories of my life happened on this day. Our anniversary. I am so thankful to have been Donald's wife for the past four years. It hasn't always been perfect. It's been a slow, yet amazing, edifying process. We've grown. Our "oneness" has evolved. Our family has changed. God has shown us love and grace in incredible ways. So, I am smiling. Smiling at the past four years. Smiling at the years we have to come. United. Together. Really enjoying the "honeymooners-for-life" club that we joined with great excitement four years ago.

You are mine Beloved
And I am yours to keep
Take my heart forever
You have captured me
God is singing over us,
We hear it in the wind
Tonight our life begins.
-JJ Heller


Rachel said...

Happy 4 years, Wallaces! We love you guys.

teamfish said...

get out! four yrs already?!?! oh my goodness time has flown - i was just remembering the college yrs when you were "good friends." now you're man & wife, with intentions clearly stated. haha - love it!