Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Planting fall

Since our little lady began using her feet to walk on a few months ago – life has become SO much easier!  Little tasks that would have had to be done during nap time or when Donald was home can get done now – and are much more fun too!  Our example of this: planting our fall flowers/plants.  Double the fun when done with little lady.

Prepping for our work:


The front plants are bulbs that come up in the fall – they’re amazing.  The lady who lived here about thirty years ago planted them – that is an entirely different post though.  When they come up, they evoke a smile.


Told you she was my little helper!



So this little plant/root is something I’m trying to keep alive from my mom’s garden – haha, abi decided that it didn’t need all of its CO2 grabbing leaves.


Gardening is not for the faint of heart!

IMG_0519Notice her cute little belly poking through…


She really wants to replicate what I’m doing, so abi found this empty bucket to drag around as I was filling my pots with dirt!  Baby even used the spade to dump in some dirt.


Abi was also very distressed when I wasn’t wearing my gloves – if I took them off (to get her picture) she would grab them and say “Mama??”  And wouldn’t relent until they were on my hands again!


Precious and joyful memories!

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kristian and katy said...

ahh i love it!!! what precious pics. you are so good at making memories out of the little things with her.