Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sanctification through Motherhood Part IV

It is truly the little things.  The little things that make days great.  That make them memorable.  The little things are what convict our hearts.  They are what inspire us.  They are what motivate us.  They are for me often little reminders that I have a little someone who is watching my every move.  And learning.  And being pointed in a direction.  I pray in a direction to a loving and kind God.

Today was just filled with wonderful ‘little things.’  I just found myself smiling and laughing so much.

Driving in the car, trying to keep abi awake so that she would go down in her bed (haha, didn’t work!) – and observing how our communication with one another is evolving.  I started to sing the ABC’s – and she sang with me!  Just the first two letters – but still!  WOW!  Communicating that “Momma, I’m ready for a different song” by saying “No, No” and placing both hands on her head.  Aka “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and a huge smile came on that girl’s face when I started singing.  Ahh.

The little blessing of being able to hold a sleeping 15 month old in my arms.  Could have stayed there forever.

The small victory of when I asked Abi to come and sit down in front of me for her diaper change.  And she did it on the first request!  YES!  (Moms out there – you know what I mean here!)  I felt like my sweetheart is slowly learning obedience!

While unloading the car, our beloved next-door neighbors were coming home too.  And their sweet 2 year old, Kelly, stood on their back porch and yelled with much gusto, “Aaaaaabbbbbbbiiiii”, oh you should have seen the smile on my child’s face.  It was joy.  So happy to see her friend.  (And super cool that she was seeing her from above the fence!).

As Tuesday night is now a “girl date night” for abi and I – we decided to clean the floors after dinner.  And baby girl danced with me using her swiffer (yep, she’s got an abi-size swiffer – it’s awesome).  Laughing and dancing and cleaning.  I hope we still do that when she’s 13!

Love her.



kristian and katy said...

oh i LOVE this!!! thank you for sharing. i love hearing about your mommy moments. you are such a wonderful one. can't wait to see you!

The Neaves' said...

sweet words, angela! it's the little things!