Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Arrival of Fall!

Oh, we thought Tuesday was a good day.  The first day of fall!  Hooray!  Any Midwestern girl is happy when this day comes.  And their daughters.  Here’s a sneak peek into our day of fall celebration!

IMG_9860 We raked leaves, because that’s what you do in the fall!  Note that Abi is wearing a sweater!  Texas took special care to give us a first day of fall that was worthy of sweater-wear.

IMG_9868 We took baby for a walk – for more of this adventure check out abi’s blog


We, like the squirrels, gathered acorns

IMG_9887 We had tomato basil soup and grilled cheese – a perfect fall lunch!

IMG_9891 We made pumpkin pie!  I was so bummed that this picture turned out blurry – blah on timers!  Please notice abi’s sweet apron – made with love by her Nanny.  Abi thought it was hilarious that we both had these “funny clothes” on over our normal clothes!

IMG_9894 Sweet baby and our ingredients ready to make our pie!  (I am ashamed to say that I bought both the pie filling and the pie shell – we were running out of time!  Grandma, please forgive me!)

IMG_9899What a big girl and excellent baker!

IMG_9902 Every good baker must test the ingredients…

IMG_9905 Getting ready to head into the oven – Yummy!

Abi and I have begun a tradition that I am almost giddy about when I imagine us baking together in the future.  It was a delight of a day.  Fall, welcome to Lanshire.


Ricardo and Lauren said...

precious moments you will treasure forever! How'd the pie turn out??

The Potters said...

I especially enjoyed this post. We want to have the Wallace family down ASAP.

Scott Hubley said...

cooking on the kitchen floor, what a great and fun idea :)

teamfish said...

ok, so i had about 100 comments run through my read as i read this post...

1. Abi has gotten so big and tall! Oh my goodness they grow so quickly! I remember eating lunch at your house and she couldn't even walk yet. Now she's making pumpkin pie and cleaning house - wow!

2. She's adorable.

3. I love how involved you are in your daughter's life! You're making SO many special memories together, and raising her to be such a well-rounded girl, filled with so much love and talent!

4. I just had tomato basil soup & grilled cheese sandwiches last week to celebrate fall! How fun to see that others did the same. :) Here's the yummy recipe I tried out:

5. So cute how you brought the counter down to Abi's level. What a great idea! Other moms will be copying this one...

6. Hilarious how you apologize about the store-bought filling & shell - you're such a good home-maker to even think to apologize for something most people wouldn't even know that there was another way of doing it!

7. I think we have the same red tea pot, and a very similar red pie pan - love your kitchen taste. :)

8. Ok, I think that's enough comments for now. You are a WONderful mother, Angela, and I'm honored to be your friend!!