Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plum, Plum, Plumbing…

Ahh, the joys and challenges of owning a fixer-upper!  Last Thursday morning, Donald and I woke up to hear a light leak in our bathroom – yep – a pipe was leaking.  Oh good.  So – run outside and turn the water off.  Wash up before heading to work (of course this happened on my one day to go to work) – oh wait, can’t turn the shower on.  Rinse off the breakfast dishes – oh wait, can’t use the sink.  Oh, the things we take for granted.  Anyhow, thankfully donald’s mom came right on time to get abi, and that made “dealing” with the process so much easier.  We realized that this was not an easy fix – and certainly not something that could get accomplished before Donald had to head off to class at 9.  So, made plans to spend the night at The Wallaces.  What a blessing to have them 20 minutes away.  So thankful.  Called the two plumbers who have done bids on our master bathroom to see if they could add it to their bid – but decided to turn to plan B when they both listed quite a high number to add in our little fix.  What is Plan B you ask yourself?  Plan B = Donald and Angela wearing the Plumber hat.  Yep – we fixed the leak in the pipe.  For ten dollars.  (Plus the cost of a drywall patch).  Must say that we’re really proud of ourselves.  It was one of the most interesting date nights we have had.


All the tools a good plumber needs (they really don’t need a cell phone or the lotion – but the lotion is nice afterwards!)…


Knocking off the baseboard in the hall bathroom so that we can access the leak from that side…


Yikes!  It’s not ever a good thing to have a hole in your wall


My side of the wall (in our demo’d masterbath) – yep, that’s under our house!


Donald cutting the pipe, and getting ready to install the “shark bite" our $10.00 fix.


Two tired, and delirious, plumbers at 11 o’clock with out little bit of pipe

IMG_9784 Perhaps the member of our family who was the most excited that we once again had running water!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

oh my! we would have had to call a plumber!! no way we could have fixed it!

Rachel said...

Incredible! You guys are my heroes.

1 said...

You two are awesome. brian and i would have counted the minutes until the plumber could come... :)