Saturday, September 19, 2009

Her name was Lola…

However,  she was not a showgirl – but a three-toed sloth!!



Right after this picture was taken she fell asleep on me.  Delight.  Definitely one of my top five animal experiences of all time.  And thankfully and amazingly (if that is a word), I have had some pretty incredible experiences with animals.  I love sloths.  Miss Lola here is going to be one of our education animals at the Zoo.  OK, promise not to have another animal post for a while :)


Ricardo and Lauren said...

oooo i love sloths! like sid in ice age!!

kristian and katy said...

i have never in my life seen two people speak about their love for sloths on the same web page. there's a first for everything! :)
but i'm so thankful there are sloth lovers out there.
i will have to meet a sloth some day soon so i can share in the love.

Rachel said...

I want to cuddle with Lola, too! So cute!!!