Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For those of you who heart reading too…

I just love books.  (Insert plug for book clubs in general, such a great excuse to get together with great girls and have a good reason to be consistent in reading!  I might also add that I have the best book club in the world – just sayin’)


(Occasionally while Abi is in school, I’ll try to get some errands done when I’m just a one-kid momma.  Nate usually crashes in the car for about 30 minutes…and I feel obliged to run to the coffee shop and read in the car – a prepared lady never leaves home without her book!)

I want Abi & Nate to love books.  Currently, Abi loves anything “girly” with books.  Fairy tales especially, but I love to see how the classics are just that – classic.  Any kiddo is bound to love them because they are just plain good.  And Nate…well, he loves to throw books and take them off of shelves.  I am trusting that this will change.


(Abi loves to read by her 21st century candlelight…a bulky flashlight)

Great resources are always something that I am on the hunt for during this journey of motherhood…and I’ve found a great one.  And great resources can’t be kept a secret; because that is just plain selfish!  So, as we grow our library, I know that I will continue to check back with this list before I travel to the book store or to amazon.

Happy Reading!

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Amy said...

What joy when you watch Abi learn to read and grow to love it too! I come from a long line of readers and I so love watching Evan open the world of books and reading. He now sits and reads some of his little books on his own...melt my heart. We still read the bigger books together and I hope we always will. He's so proud to be a reader and we are so proud of him and excited for him. As a fellow reader, I can't wait for that joy as I know you will treasure it! And for a short while the classics will become "Mat sat. Sam sat. Mat and Sam sat." But what fun as they move beyond that. =)