Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just celebrate love

Valentine’s Day has turned a bit upside down when you have kiddos.  Really, it’s a day to celebrate romantic love.  However, try explaining that to a 3 year old (who has been excited for Valentine’s Day for weeks, because it is a day that consists of hearts, sweets, and lots of pink, red and purple!) and you don’t have much to go on.  Plus, many of the things that are celebrated or encouraged on Valentine’s Day I find just silly.

But, a day that just celebrates love?  I can totally get on board with that.

Abi too.

We’ve had a lot of fun the past week or so just talking about love.  How much God loves us, how much we love our family, how much I love her daddy, how much I love her & Nate, how much she loves her daddy (and then remembers to add me in for good measure!), how much we love our friends, oh the list goes on and on.  And isn’t that amazing.  Just to celebrate love and the gift that it is.

So to you:


& you:


My heart is full.  I love you two with a beautiful intensity that I am so grateful for.  Oh goodness, and the lessons that you teach me.  The fun that is had, the grace that is practiced…love to you.

And to you:


Oh my, did God pour out extravagance on me.  I love you for the man that you are and the man that you are becoming.  I’m so grateful that we journey together and don’t ever arrive; that we get to continue the adventure hand in hand.  You are good, kind, really funny, faithful, an encourager, you love me well.   All my love to you.

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