Thursday, February 9, 2012

‘the energy of the American small boy is astonishing’

From this article

Oh goodness, and my ‘American small boy’ is nowhere near the crazy that will continually come.  But, he does leave me pretty darn tired.  His sister too.  Quite the lovely duo.


(oops – but grab the camera quick, because it’s kind of funny, Nate was in heaven)

Through a blog that I enjoy reading (and getting general encouragement from!); they posted a link to the above article.  Some comments of the great C.S. Lewis that I’d never read before.  And we have a general credo in our house that anything that came out of the mouth of CS Lewis is like gold.

My brother and I have just had the experience of an American lady to stay with us accompanied by her two sons, aged 9 1/2 and 8. Whew! Lovely creatures — couldn’t meet nicer children — but the pace! I realize have never respected young married people enough and never dreamed of the Sabbath calm which descends on the house when the little cyclones have gone to bed and all the grown-ups fling themselves into chairs and the silence of exhaustion.

I am so tired on many days.  The house is crazy, I don’t feel like I accomplished much of real value.  Legitimate feelings, but silly lies that are fed to us women. 


Oh, do not be misled…it is not just one couch:


But, I am reminded that this is a beautiful season.  There will be times that come when the laundry gets totally in done in one day (like washed – dried – folded – AND put away!) – and I will miss “the pace.”  Thankfulness.  It so often boils down that that, doesn’t it?  I was reminded of it yesterday by a wonderful woman, and I am grateful for it.


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