Sunday, September 25, 2011


Oh my goodness, first…watch this video.  Amazing.  I am moved and thankful for those who have acted on the call of the Lord on their lives and have moved to Haiti to love.  Simply love.

WOW  - right?!  My heart is so moved and is so broken over the grace that I’ve been given and the beauty in the eyes of these women.

SO, check out this post and then go vote here

To quote from Heather’s blog:

With a little bit of help, we could win a 50 thousand dollar private grant that would allow our program to expand.  All we need is your vote and your assistance spreading the word.  Will you help some fellow Aggies BTHO of the orphan crisis in Haiti?  Please take two seconds (that's really all it takes), go to Giving of Life's website, and vote for Heartline.  It takes one click to vote.  Then will you spread the word and ask other Aggies to vote as well?

Aren’t Aggies just the best??!!  What a silly question…

So, go vote…and repost…and then spread the word some more!

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