Friday, September 9, 2011

Talk about a contrast…

My most favorite fruit…


I could go through all this in about 2 days.  No really…I could.


I think I have some nostalgia issues with watermelon.  It brings back good memories and therefore I love it.  Running around in the summer (you see, in Michigan, you actually can run around in the summer) with my friends with red, watermelon juice dripping off our arms (sounds kinda country…donald would say that’s my “small town” talking) playing kick the can / having seed spitting contests on the 4th of July (hmmm, I really am sounding country now) – well, you get the picture.  Good times.  I love watermelon.  They embody summer.

So strange that on the same day that all of this watermelon enjoying is happening…there’s also some enjoying of this:

image image

That’s some pumpkin latte action.  Amen.  (Well, not Abi…she digs chocolate milk in a paper cup with straw…and yes, our favorite Aggie barista knows her drink and how she likes it when he sees her…maybe we grab coffee too much?)

Happy Fall-ish weather / Fall drinks / Summer yummy!!

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