Monday, September 19, 2011

My LITTLE journey with a cookbook

I think I’m channeling the movie Julie & Julia here.  I’m inspired.  I love to cook (by no means great, but I like to learn!) and I like goals.  So, working through a cookbook sounds like a good  idea to me!  Or at least interesting.  I’m not going to copy the idea presented in the book/movie exactly (my life really doesn’t allow for that / I don’t think it’d be good for my family!) – but I do want to try and cook through a cookbook.  I’m guessing that I’ll be done in a few years.  That sounds kind of depressing, but somewhat hopeful too!  I guess there is a reason why goals are supposed to be a shorter period of time…feel free to ask me if I’m still doing this in a year!

Here’s my co-conspirator:


First stop: Apple Tart with an almond crust.

PS – I didn’t make my own pie crust; please don’t tell my Grandma!  I actually really do love making pie crusts – it reminds me of happy memories with my delightful Grandma, but it just takes a long time!  Time is not something in abundance these days!

*I don’t think that I’m going to type out every recipe.  Honestly, that just seems like so much work…and I’m wondering if that’s technically illegal since I’d be typing out an entire book?  Not really sure on that…so I’ll go with the lazy excuse! 

*If you want any of the recipe(s)…please come over and I’ll make it again.  Or, I’ll just email it to you :)


The Apple Tart was pretty straight forward, especially with the whole-bunch-of-cheating that I did and used a store brought crust.  The finely chopped and blended almonds on the bottom was delicious and I would definitely incorporate that aspect again. 

Cutting that many apples is just a plain pain-in-the-hiney.  But baked apples?  Oh, well worth it.

The glaze that was applied after was just amazing.  And when do I have an excuse to buy preserves?  Not near enough.  Called for a liqueur, but I didn’t have it – and neither did Albertson’s.  And I just didn’t feel like driving. 


Alrighty, one down.  Just a few hundred (or so) left…

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teamfish said...

i love this cookbook!! someone gave this to me when i got married b/c they overheard me talking about "real" food, and how frustrating it is to go through recipes that call for packaged ingredients. and this cookbook is perfect - it teaches you everything! (just like the title says :)

anyway, got excited when i saw that you have it and are working through it. i'll stay tuned to get inspired from your adventure. :)