Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Princess who caused others to smile…


If you are a frequent visitor to our home (or neighborhood for that matter!) this is quite possibly the outfit of choice for our Abigail.  She has a 3-4 “favorite” dress rotation – and I don’t usually see her clothes during the day.  There are smiles.  Lots of them.

 Princess Abi

But, the other day as we were walking out of the store, and yet another kind and gentle hearted person had commented on how lovely they thought Abi was in her dress, I started to think.  Abi had asked me in the parking lot WHY everyone liked her dress so much.  And my explanation encouraged me to think about a deeper meaning to her little princess dress.  I told her that us ladies of the world, well we love a good princess story.  We long to be loved, to be cherished, to be considered beautiful.  I told my daughter that there is something in every woman who can identify with the ideas of a princess – and that those feelings resurface when they see Abi in a princess dress and crown.  I told her that people love to smile.  That seeing Abi being completely present in BEING a princess, well that brings a bit of joy into someone’s life!  I’m not sure she knew what to think about such things, but she knew that she had made others happy – and that seemed to work for her.  What a sweetness to spread some joy and hope through pointing to a greater love story.


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