Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 weeks with Nate

Yesterday marked 2 weeks.  14 not so sleep-filled nights; lots of dirty diapers; a few “rain showers”; lots of feedings (joy); much snuggling; feeling oh so loved by our dear friends and family.


Yes, they were a wonderful 2 weeks.  He already seems so much bigger to me.  I am here and now trying to remember and heed the advice from the amazing mothers in my bible study who encourage us younger mommas to cling to these times and be slow to wish small inconveniences such as a lack of sleep or answering the same question a million times over or feeling like your house is a MESS – well, not to wish them away.  They are fleeting.  Yet, they are FULL of life and joy!


Oh this boy!  We are in love!  He is a snuggler (eek, yay!) – as donald would say – a momma’s boy already.  Quite pleased with that, actually!!  He will sleep and sleep if someone is holding him!  He is a good little eater – and quick too!  Our doula, Kirsten, brought over a baby scale so we could weigh him – and this boy will down about 4-5 oz. in just 10 minutes!  Oh my!  I am thankful, as this will be much easier with our dear abi running around like a banshee!  He is strong!  I suppose we could have seen this coming with a 10’ 3 baby – but he is already getting that little head up.  Quite a curious one, we think!  Our 2 week doctor appointment is tomorrow, and I am anxious to see how our little man is doing all around!


Little Nate has proven to be a blessing to our family already in the two weeks he has journeyed through life with us.  Already a teacher of lessons; I am thankful!


*my amazing friend Lauren came over to take pictures of our little Nate – she let me play around with her camera(s) – the edited ones/ones that she took to be posted soon!


Laura Stiller said...

He is beautiful! Love it!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

He is just perfect!!! Can't wait to see you both soon:)

Rachel said...

These are WONDERFUL pictures of your little man. I love him and I love you!