Friday, March 25, 2011

Claiming Freedoms

I laughed at a quote that I read in a magazine dedicated to spring cleaning recently: The only advantage in not being too good a housekeeper is that your guests are so pleased to feel how very much better they are.”  Eleanor Roosevelt


There is certainly some truth to this statement.  But upon further consideration, my chuckle wasn’t so much out of amusement, but more of longing for something to be different.  While I want my home to be an encouragement to others, I certainly don’t want it to be so because I am encouraging confidence in anything other than Christ. 


And I don’t want to find myself constantly worrying about the state of my home.  Granted, I do find I am more at peace when my home is tidy.  I also find that Doons & I are more relaxed (which we all know leads to more enjoyable kiddos and days in general!) when our home is organized and clean.  BUT, these are not the things that matter to the heart of God.  He is not concerned with how my countertops sparkle; but is focused on the quality of the heart in the little girl I am raising.  He is not concerned with the dishes left by the side of the counter, but He is concerned with the clutter of thoughts that flood my mind when I sit with my wee one.


So, I am claiming freedoms.  Freedoms to focus on the hearts of two little beauties.  Freedoms to rest in grace.  Freedoms for the guests in my home.  Freedom from the things that so easily entangle.

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