Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flashback 2011: The Cotton Bowl

Well, the “flashback” series was created thinking it’d give me a not-so-silly way to update this blog on events that happened in the previous year (oh goodness).  BUT, it gives me a way to justify events that happened earlier in the month too!

Given that our dear Aggies were playing in the Cotton Bowl this year (don’t get me started on how Jerry Jones stole the Cotton Bowl from THE Cotton Bowl in Fair Park, ugh) – and the Aggie Band was practicing at Lake Highlands High School!  Wahoo!!!  You know we had to be there!  It was the closest that I’d ever been to the Aggie Band – and we had so much fun!  Abi really dug the tubas – because “they’re so big.”








And then on to that watching of some good ol’ Aggie Football!  Unfortunately LSU bested us that evening – oh boo.

Yummy, fondue.

IMG_8057 IMG_8063


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Rachel said...

That's so neat! Tell Abi the tubas are my favorite, too. :) It's funny how unofficial the band looks in their everyday clothes.