Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And then came the snow…

Apparently snow coming multiple times a year to dallas is going to be a yearly tradition.  We’ll take it!  Few days of winter heaven – and then it’s gone.  Yes, please.  What a far cry from the never ending gray that is my homeland o’ Michigan.

Basically Dallas shut down for 4 days (irony here is that it was Superbowl Week here in the Big D– those poor, crazy fans!).  All schools closed – roads largely deserted.  But, let me tell you what was pure bliss – SMU was closed for those 4 days as well.   AHHHHHH!!  A whole week of uninterrupted Donald time.  What a gift.  It was treasured.  It was seen as a gracious and extravagant blessing from God.  When does that happen?!  Right before this sweet little bundle comes, we were able to soak up the goodness that these past 2 1/2 years have afforded our little family of three.  I just smile when I think about how that happened.

Getting ready to gear up!


What awaited us outside our door – what a fun, fun day!

Snow Day

Snow Day1

It is truly impossible to forget those whose days are not marked with laughter, relief, and joy when winter conditions and days off are announced.  For those single, working mommas who have to find someplace for their babies to go; for the kind woman in Target who had to walk to work because her car wasn’t working; for the 3 school-aged boys we saw at the intersection who maybe had no one at home waiting for them to come inside and love on them with hot chocolate and hugs.  We are undeserving of the goodness that we’ve been showered with.

(please excuse the leftover cookie bits remaining on little beauty’s face!)


Want some contrast?!  Check out our day just 6 days earlier.  I kind of love that about Texas.






the Mitchell Mob said...

We got to enjoy uninterrupted Daddy time too! Such a blessing right before these little ones come!

Rachel said...

What a precious time you three got to spend together! It looks like you had a blast playing in the snow.