Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Wallace: 39+ weeks

OK, I’m ready to have this little bundle in my arms, please!


(abi touching her belly too!  I actually asked donald before he took this picture – can you see my belly from where you are?  He just smiled.)

Add a little bit more girth to me, this was taken about a week ago.  Oh my. 

So, I am tired.  Plain and simple.  My legs ache, my back aches – I ache!  I sound a bit like a broken record here, don’t I?  And then I got the bug that was being passed around – so on top of not being able to sleep due to heartburn and a small bladder – add a fever and sore throat to the mix too.

OK – I’m done.  What a blessing to be able to grow this little baby.  How amazing to watch my body change as it prepares to give birth.  I feel enormously blessed by a husband who is good to me beyond words.  I am thankful.  But maybe one more good night of sleep?? Oops, I said I was done.

On to the really good stuff about this little bun!

Baby W at 39 weeks:


Is the size of a mini watermelon, but if you look at me, I’m pretty sure I’m packing away the watermelon of the traditional variety!  Baby should be over 20 inches and weighing over 7 lbs – which I laugh at.  I know this little beauty will be a good pound heavier (or so I think, that’s silly for me to use crazy words like know when referring to pregnancy!).  Baby is just adding more fat to their sweet little self!

I have my last (hopefully!) appointment tomorrow – only “excitement” was calling up to see what my course of action needed to be with having a fever.  Thankfully, fever never reached 102.  We are just waiting!  Waking up every day wondering if this could be it!  Going to bed every night hoping that labor won’t start until at least 5 am – hehe.  We’ve had a huge (for dallas) ice and snow storm this whole past week – pretty much leaving us and everyone else at home for 4 days straight!  It has been such a gift from God – since SMU was closed all week (besides Monday) we just enjoyed amazing family time.  We’re so so thankful!  Treasuring times while it is just the three of us and anxiously awaiting our 4th member!

Sweet Abi is getting so giddy – still is such a sweet little girl towards baby.  She now is really thinking baby could be a girl (maybe wishing for that too! – we don’t know!) and is understanding (thanks to some great books and LOTS of conversation!) that we’ll be at the hospital for a day or so and that she’ll be staying either with Nanny & Grandpa or Mimi & Grandpa Zo for just a little bit!  Lots of exciting changes!  She’s in her NEW big girl bed with the baby’s crib across the room from her – and she is quite excited about talking to the baby as they go to sleep (wouldn’t that be a precious reality right from the beginning?!?!).  We’re trying to harness some of those expectations!

And to leave you with one great loves of mine this pregnancy!  Couldn’t let it escape the updates the whole time!



The Neaves' said...

I was just thinking about you today, friend!! You look great and I can't wait to meet that sweet babe!

So sorry you were sick. I'm battling that as we speak! Glad you had some family time and that you're feeling better!!

Boy or girl?!? What will it be:)

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

How crazy! That chocolate milk was a staple of my pregnancy diet too.

Rachel said...

Oh baby! I'm so excited to meet your [not so?] little watermelon!!! :)