Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Wallace: 40+ weeks

Sweet baby still has not chosen to reveal their sweet face to this world!

I have a whole mosaic of emotions currently and I imagine that is where I will stay until little one appears!  It has been a truly phenomenal process, this pregnancy being rich with spiritual lessons and blessings!

We are in a waiting period, praying for the Lord to wash us continually with his peace and love as we strive to trust in him only!  Taking comfort in His love for our little one – and realizing that I am not in control!

Picture below…my trusty walking shoes!  Have walked the neighborhood 3x today and the arboretum with the dess family!  Getting this child out is a community effort!  Trying to savor all of these memories – pregnancy is precious, no matter how anxious I am to hold this little babe!


At the lake on Sunday…big ol’ baby & big ol’ me!



Rachel said...

Thanks for the update, Ang! I've been wondering... :) All the walking will pay off soon! Much love to all of you.

Jen W. said...

We keep waiting to hear if it's pink or blue for you guys. Hang in there!

Jennifer Hubley said...

You look beautiful!! Praying you will hold your baby soon!