Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Wallace: 35 weeks

Oh baby, we’re getting close!

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During the past 2 weeks of growth, baby Wallace:

Is dealing with a mother who is in mega nesting mode, but doesn’t have much of an outlet for it!  House projects keep running into little hiccups, and I am getting frustrated at times!  I’m going to be perfectly honest here – I struggle with having things “ready.”  What does this “ready” mean?  Honestly, I know in my head that it is silly – that our sweet baby has all that they will need.  A warm, clean place to sleep.  Food to eat.  Clean clothes.  Clean diapers.  What an amazingly blessed baby when considering what so many of his/her brothers and sisters are born into.  Please pray for me that I keep that in my mind when I get “stressed” over insignificant, trivial things!

Baby Wallace is 5 1/4 lbs. and measures at 18 inches (the size of a honeydew melon)!  And let me tell you, I believe it!  I feel like my posture is improving constantly because of my having to stand straighter b/c I feel like my ribs have no room to exist!  Sleeping is getting more tricky and I am tired often.  My pillow and I are quite good friends!  I love the baby movements at the end of pregnancy.  It is crazy watching your belly move in slow, rippled movements as sweet baby runs out of room.  I am trying my best to treasure all of these movements and feelings as this next month will come quickly, and I know I will miss these moments that “are all mine.”

Sweet Abi is just a treasure.  She is so loving with our little bundle – and most questions/situations involve asking how our baby will fit into life.  We are thankful – we’ll see how this holds up once baby W arrives!

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Amy said...

Yay! Abi will do great. I will pass along something someone passed along to me - do with it what you decide is best for your family. Basically I offer and you take it or leave it. :)

I was told to make it a point to help Evan express his feelings like frustrated or jealous when it came to a newborn in the house. To help him give names to what he was feeling and talk about it with him.

I involved him in everything I did with Abbie. The other thing was to make sure I made a huge deal about Evan as a big brother and to celebrate all things he did that were kind and sweet. I still do this today and it makes such a difference with them. I praise both of them for little things. I even praise Evan for simple "expected" things like getting dressed or finishing his milk. Mostly because I am praising Abbie for everything she does well as we head into the age of 2 and then 3. Working that positive reinforcement foundation!

Basically, i was encouraged to make just as big a deal of Evan as I did of the baby - who needed a lot of attention. As well as when we were out and people only commented on the "cute baby" I made sure to throw in what a great big brother she had so he still felt a part of it all.

I work very hard to help them learn to celebrate each other in all things. And I love when I see them do it unprompted. :)

Now, know that there were plenty of times that the 3 of us sat on the floor crying too as we tried to figure all of this out!