Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Thankful Tree

Yes, yes…more thankful posts in December.  However, even typing that sentence sounds so funny!  What a reason we have in December to be thankful!  Pressing on towards thankfulness being a daily choice and modeled behavior…

However, as November is notorious (and I’m thankful for that!) to spur something inside of you to be thankful, we created a ‘Thankful Tree’ for us and abi.  To encourage a daily discussion of what we were thankful for, to display it publicly, and to engage in some good, artsy fun!

In its humble beginnings…

IMG_7006 IMG_7008 IMG_7012

Starting to get real good and fancy!

IMG_7382 IMG_7377 IMG_7386

The Application…

IMG_7401 IMG_7399 IMG_7405



Oh, we had so much fun!  Some of the notables from Abi were:

  • Horseshoe Crabs
  • Baby Jesus
  • Spinning
  • Our baby
  • Really high swinging

It was often a beautiful time to recap our day and to laugh (one time Abi was in a mood and said that she wasn’t thankful for anything) – I’m planning on saving the leaves to reflect on next year, giving thanks for the bounty of 2010 and recalling precious memories.  Thankful for you, friends!

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