Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Wallace: 28-33 weeks

Oh, sweet baby – I am sorry!  5 weeks and no update on darling, little YOU!  


SAM_1109 IMG_7785

Oh, baby…you’re growing!!

During the past month of growth, baby Wallace:

Your gender is still sealed away inside that little envelope!  I’ve definitely thought the most about opening it in the past month, but my resolve is still pretty strong!  Abi (and on most days donald too!) are now being more convinced that you are now a little girl, but I am still strongly convinced of the presence of that ‘Y’ chromosome.  We shall see!  I am SOOO anxious to see if that moment when you arrive into the world and it is announced “It’s a …” will be “worth” the months of waiting…because right now I am missing some of the experiences that we had with Abi knowing that she was a girl.  Again…we shall see!  Either way, it’s been fun having two VERY different experiences and being able to compare them!

Baby is now the size of a pineapple, measures about 17 inches, and weighs almost 4 pounds.  Quite a bit of growing since the last post!


We have had a busy month, with lots of family in town, celebrating Doons’ birthday, Thanksgiving, and preparation during the advent season.  It has been such a beautiful month!  We’ve really enjoyed this last month of life as a family as we prepare for your arrival as well as the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

I am starting to have back pain quite frequently at the end of the day, so I am upping my hours of sitting on that birthing ball and expanding my very narrow repertoire of “pregnant pilates” exercises.  Some relief has been granted :)  I can not as easily pass behind people, what I mean by that is that baby has had many more “up and close” encounters because this ever-growing belly of mine is expanding and demands to be seen and felt at times!

This past month I was oh-so blessed with a sprinkle thrown by some of my dearest friends, more to come on that later.  We feel so thankful to have people who love our little bundle so much already.  Thank you, such gratitude!

The nursery/playroom transition is still in the process, but the final plans are making their appearances (at least in our minds!) so we’re encouraged by that.  I just keep telling myself that this baby needs love, some food, and thankfully b/c of our home in the western world, they’ll get some delightful diapers too!  This room is just a perk!  Abi is just so so excited!  We are just so in love with her and are so touched by her loving-kindness towards this little one.  At the same time, I am experiencing somewhat of a mourning period as the time with just our abi is coming to an end.  Similar to what I felt as Abi’s birth approached.  I am thankful for the beautiful phase that has reigned in our family, and I am overwhelmed by the ‘wonderfulness’ that I am told is approaching, and I faithfully take the word of those who are wiser and have lived more life than I!

Hopefully there will be another update on this sweet babe before their birth!  Oh goodness.

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