Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our love afFAIR with the State Fair

Well, doesn’t that just sound silly even typing it?!  But, we did really enjoy the state fair this year.  Each time we went.  For free.  Awesome.

Round One (I suppose I should be embarrassed that we have a round one, but I’m not!)

The soft opening/employee preview party for the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park!  This technically happened the week before the Fair, but the fair atmosphere was there, so I’m considering it as part of our 2010 experience!  If you’re in Dallas…let’s go!  It is such a great little aquarium with a wonderful staff, and they have expanded it with many intentional spaces!  The kiddos can touch rays, observe sharks, and participate in the Tide Pool touch tank as well!  We love it!



First Day of Fall! and aquarium opening

Round Two: We appreciated the generosity of SMU (ahem, the tuition) to pay for State Fair tickets!  We went with some of Donald’s school buddies and had a good ol’ time!  We introduced Abi to the DART system – and she is in love!  Best way to get to the fair for sure.  Abi’s already talking about the Blue Line, Big Tex, and the fair next year!

The train…

Texas State Fair with SMU

The Fair…


The Family…


Round Three (Oh, I’m reliving the insane amount of food eaten, bird shows watched, and lovely times had)

State Fair #2

Haha…oh, and the food.

State Fair #21

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Rachel said...

What a fantastic fair experience! What was your favorite food? Did you try the fried butter?

I LOVE the family picture in front of Big Tex.