Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Wallace Pregnancy – Week #23

Well, we’ve gone from Ireland to the great state fair of Texas – pretty much on the same level, don’t ya think?!  I endured the few strange looks (I mean, just for a millisecond!) to grab this little picture – oh what we do for the sake of documenting memories!  I am just glad that Big Tex is a part of this pregnancy. 


At week 23 of growth, baby Wallace:

Is about the size of a large mango (the same 11 inches as last week), weighing in at  1 lb 4 oz – based on our anatomy sonogram on Friday!! 


(this picture to give a representation of if I was growing a bushel of babies)

We loved the anatomy sonogram!  It is such a sweet time to get to sweet our little man/woman moving around.   Thankfully he/she looked perfect.  Thankful beyond words.  Biggest news from that appointment is that he/she is still a mystery.  The sex of baby is in a sealed envelope – we’ll see how long that envelope remains in its present state.   Our little mango was in the “hammock” position most of the sonogram with their arms behind their head.  We really hope this is indicative of their personality in general!

Fantastic baby change this week: Baby is becoming more aware of the outside…get ready world!  Loud, consistent noises are now familiar to their sweet little ears.  Blood vessels are forming in lungs to prepare for that lifelong task of breathing!

Baby Activity: Baby is a-moving!  You can see him/her jumping and jiving from the outside if I’m wearing a more form fitting shirt – that seems pretty crazy to me!  If baby starts to move, and donald or I poke back, they’ll respond – that seems so special to us!  Let the bonding begin!  I’m starting to feel big.  Laugh along with me, please, as I have 17 more weeks (Lord willing) to go!  Leaning over, squatting, oh goodness…I feel like Rachel on ‘Friends’ during the final pregnancy episodes. 

Abi updates: Abi has started to understand the beautiful phenomenon of nursing a baby.  She talks quite a bit about how I will feed the baby when they come.  Oh goodness.  She is more aware and interested this week in how this little wonder will affect her.  Wisdom from more experienced mommas in this realm is most welcomed!  We’re trying to stress how our family will change but be so much better!  That her life will have some differences, but so many things will stay the same.

A glimpse of our joy!



the Mitchell Mob said...

Loved that sonogram too! Are you guys waiting for a special occasion to open the envelope? :) So fun that we're so close in our pregnancy!

Jen W. said...

Thanks for the updates Angela! Hugs to the Wallace's from your Colorado cousins!!

Rachel said...

How wonderful! I love the Big Tex picture. Good memories indeed.