Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sanctification through Motherhood

Abi and I had met some friends at the Arboretum (thank you Dallas in springtime) a while back and we had to leave because it was getting close to nap time.  Due to the high number of like-minded individuals who all wanted to be at the arboretum this day, we had to park in the overflow lot.  This lot is a gravel-lot.  Abi did not like the idea of holding my hand while walking out to the car.  Insert Wallace non-negotiable family rule:  We always hold hands in the parking lot.  So, my darling – sometimes stubborn – little beauty just went down to her knees (she does this sometimes when she doesn’t want to hold hands anymore…oh, the mind of a little one) – and “ouch” – knees on gravel is not a pleasant combination.  The Lord graciously slowed down the next few moments for me.  My first instinct (I’m not proud to admit) was “See Abi, this is what happens when you don’t listen to momma – you get hurt.”  Thankfully my love for her won out and my words and arms just loved on her and consoled her sweet knees and kissed tears away.  I am grateful that was my reaction to her, the Lord is kind and graceful.  Isn’t that how the Lord is with us?  He has given us direction for our lives, and wise counsel – how frequent do we choose to do our own bidding and ignore His loving will.  And when we mess up – as we inevitably will relying on our ideas – he does not scorn us or say “SEE, Angela.”  Yes, he disciplines – but that is out of his great LOVE.  He picks us up, kisses our tears, and then reminds us of his perfect will and design for us.



“I run in the path of your commands – for you have set my heart free!”  Psalm 119:32 (I always love this beautiful reminder whenever checking out Anne’s blog – and Tomba hit on it this morning too – Yes!)