Friday, April 30, 2010

In search of that beauty…

I know it’s in there…come out beauty in my closet/home!  Come out!

I love the idea of spring cleaning – I really do.  Sort through items in our home, reduce, give away, recycle…all great things in my book!  But, it’s still kind of intimidating.  I know I’ll get nostalgic over certain items – then have this war in my head of “why would I keep this?  I have not used it in years.” and then “But, I remember when I got this, it reminds me of this moment…”  And my tendency is to just not touch it (which is why moving into the house from the apartment was such a crazy time!)

BUT, there is something that makes me attempt this every year.  I look at spaces and think…so much stuff.  Silly stuff.  Stuff that someone else could use.  Stuff that I should just get rid of.  Stuff that is eclipsing something more simple.  And I stumbled onto this idea…and it made such sense to me.

“All because we are created in the image of our Creator, each of us has a propensity to make things beautiful.

This means that when we decorate our homes, or we plant a lovely flower garden, or add some form of beauty to enhance our surroundings we are actually imitating and approving the works of our Great Creator. We are imitating God!

Now granted, these activities can be sinfully implemented, but we must not overlook the fact that the essence of our desire to beautify comes from God.”

And something clicked in me!  And as silly as it sounds, I got geared up again…it delights me, and my husband, and probably on some level, Abi too – to make our home more simple and beautiful.  So, I’m searching for that beauty in the form of some good ol’ Spring Cleaning!

Phase I – clean out those closets and switch out the winter clothes in favor of the light-weight variety!


(hehe, I mean really…how many blue sweaters does a delightful red-head need??!!)  Answer: lots…he looks really good in blue!  And in fairness to him, they’re all my doing – I find a good blue sweater hard to turn down.


What is also great, is that right now is that our church is preparing to have a huge garage sale to benefit the future children’s area renovations/building.  What perfect timing for the Wallaces – well you know, and everyone else who does spring cleaning in the spring :) 


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

i recently bought the ebook from titled "Spring Cleaning for Normal People". It is only $7 and helps break it down.

Elaine said...

We actually visited Northwest a few weeks ago (really liked it) and heard about the Spring Clean! It got me motivated to go through our closets and we dropped off a bunch of stuff on Monday!