Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything IS Different

Awesome Shane & Shane song.  Please, please go and check it out.  The lyrics are powerful.  And upon reading and reflecting on them – they are a beautiful summation of this Easter.  Both in a literal sense and in the rejoicing that we partake in because of our great God!

Easter was beautiful – and so was my family, minus myself because of my silly hair in the humidity!  I could just stare at my little lady.  It was such fun to dress her up and be excited with her over her “pretty dress.”  We are so in love with her!





She had such fun with Easter eggs this year.  With each egg that she picked up…”one more egg?”  We were laughing so hard.  I have put the eggs away now…but we were having mini Easter egg hunts in the days after, because it was just so much fun!

easter egg hunt

One can not forget the yummies!



We hope your family’s celebration of good things was delightful and joy-giving!  We rejoice with you that Everything Is Different because of this beautiful day!

You made a way when there was no way
You covered heaviness with garments of praise
You wrote a song and You're singing it over me
I feel a dead heart beating now
This revelation makes me wanta shout (HEY!)
that Jesus has been sent
and everything is different.

-Shane & Shane


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Sarah said...

that has pretty much been my favorite song these days. i've been listening to nothing but that, my friend wendell, patty griffin's downtown church and long line of leavers. love you.

The Neaves' said...

beautiful pictures! and those treats look yummy too!! miss you!!!