Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In this garden of mine

We have been waiting for our garden ever since we bought our house!  We have learned patience – as nature always has a way of demonstrating – since our yard is literally under a canopy of trees.  Yes, shade can be great…but I find myself envying full-sun yards!  Oh, the grass is always greener.  Haha.  But, we eventually found a good place – were able to use our own “homemade” compost – and even used our old fence posts as the sides of the garden bed.  This year is an experiment…if all goes well, hopefully there’ll be two more beds in our little side yard.

Putting the garden in…


What a crazy…who let him out???


Post compost and your land’s actual soil…every garden needs some miracle grow!


Planting those seeds!  We’re trying tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, chives, green and red peppers, etc.  We’re so excited!




She made me so proud…abi and her worm!  (She really liked him/her!)


And patient, patient, patient…they emerge




We’re pumped for lessons learned / money saved / and some good ol’ fun on the farm!


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

We need to get together to talk gardening. We have a plot at the community garden that is really close to your house. I have learned a ton and have a great resource at the garden for soil amendments and stuff.

Rachel said...

That's so fun! You're officially an adult when you have your own garden. :) Congratulations!

Jennifer Hubley said...

Oh, how exciting! Please let me know how it goes. We had a garden growing up and I loved having fresh veggies! Hopefully Scott and I will have one some day...your little family is such an inspiration!

The Neaves' said...

LOVE your garden! I cant wait to have one some day!