Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a mighty, mighty good man

That is my hubby.  Granted, he is always amazing to me.  This is just part of the description of “Donald.”  But – wow – has been phenomenal the past 48 hours.

Saturday Night: Stayed up late with me after Halloween-crazy to begin the prep work for Baby Rose’s shower!  Not average prep work here – doing some drilling, sawing, painting, scrubbing, etc.  (Baby Rose, please take this as a compliment to you and your family – this was done out of love for me as much as for you and your daddy & mommy)

Sunday Morning: Awoke early (oops, we forgot to change our clocks until that morning!) and finished doing random “donald-type” chores around the house.  All with a smile.  All while keeping me sane.  All while making me smile too.  He then took baby girl over to his parents’ house so I could really kick it into high gear.

Sunday Night: Helped Julie (soon-to-be-aunt) and the wonderful Lauren(s) clean the kitchen.  And watched Abi.  And then got her ready for bed because I was feeling “quite pooped.”

Monday Evening: I was feeling quite yucky all day – and in true “Fall 2009 Angela” fashion – I had another 102 degree fever.  BLAH.  I was so ready to have donald home.  Abi was too.  Turns out fever-mom is not a very fun mom.  We were reading books on the floor because I was too worn out.  Wish I had a picture of that one.  Then our Donald got home.  He completely took over.   Made dinner.  Took care of CRANKY abi.  Ran to the store to get me a variety of gatorade flavors because I asked for “different colors” this time.  And some soup.  Oh yes – and then, because I was too worn out during the day – he cleaned the entire house.  I woke up at 9:30 and the house was sparkling. 

Do I have the best hubby or what?

Doon – you are appreciated.  You are loved.



The Neaves' said...

GREAT hubby!! Thanks for having it at your house! It was beautiful:)

The Potters said...

Looks like Reponso is making a comeback!

Rachel said...

Major kudos to Donald for all of his help! AND major kudos to you for throwing an amazing shower for baby Rose!!!

kristian and katy said...

he IS a mighty good man!! thank you donald :)