Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Showering Caedmon

Two thoughts I had as I was sitting down to write this post:

1) How in the WORLD has it already been two weeks since this wonderful afternoon?  and

2) I kind of laughed as I am writing about something that at least two other delightful women have already blogged about.  But, that made me smile.  There is something very “community and sisterly-esque” about being excited about the same things.  Happy to share in each other’s joys. 

On November 1st, myself and “The Laurens” (a term of extreme endearment!) hosted a shower for the beautiful Katy Rose.  It was such a joy of an afternoon!  Lots of friends from her past and present, family, and two very excited grandma-to-be’s!  And of course the momma-in-waiting.  She had the pregnant glow.  Loved it.  I got to feel Caedmon kick – YAY! 

Some memories captured:


Hard at work!

kshower 1 

The amazing cake that Lauren’s momma made (the carriage matched the design of our invitations – so clever)!

kshower 2

kshower 3

For K&K – a book of encouragement and love!

kshower 4 

In the middle of the night – changing diapers – a reason to smile and laugh!

kshower 5

Oh, Caedmon – you are loved!


Sweet Caedmon – as the days  tick away until this world greets you – you are a loved little man.  It was a joy to see so many women excited for your life.


The Neaves' said...

that was a wonderful time!!

kristian and katy said...

AHH! That was just the best. i love these pictures.
i was just going through and organizing some of the wonderful things i received at the shower last night and thinking about how thankful i was.
you three are so amazing and so loved!