Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Poppers have arrived at the Arboretum!

* This post is dedicated to Megan & Lauren Neiheisel and my own momma – and any other co-lovers of popping impatients.

I recognize that this post may require some explanation.  OK, everyone knows impatient flowers, right?  Shade-loving (until crazy scientist created a sun-tolerant variety) , colorful plants.  Really durable, really pretty = really popular.  Well, I love them.  But not only for their beauty, but for their entertainment value.  They have a seed pod that will pop when ready and disperse their seeds (nature is very clever).  Or, you can pop them!   It really is fun.

Well, I check every impatient that I see, and they are finally ready at the arboretum!  I was downright giddy to share this tradition with abi.  She loved it too!  No surprise here though – it’s in her genes.

Share in our goofiness.

(This is the seed pod I’m talking about)



After the pop!  It’s SO fun!! 


Because who doesn’t love some arboretum time?




She sat here for about a minute (that is a long time in 16 month land!) and just investigated the pumpkin’s stem.  I love the budding scientist in her!!


The arboretum has had recreations of houses from storybooks for quite some time now– and we’ve somehow missed this one!  It’s a Russian folktale, ‘Teremok’ – basically a lot of animals cram into a little wooden house.  Creative and clever – we like it.




Dressed-Up Dots said...

she is simply glorious!!! much love......

Rachel said...

I need to do some popping!!!