Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrating one of my biggest sources of thankfulness!

Woosh – that title is a mouthful!


This Thanksgiving was a special one.  It was hubby’s birthday!  Naturally, my reason for thankfulness was overflowing on this day.

I love him.  So much.  Thankful for his life and how it has been used on this earth.  He brings others joy.  He leads our family well and demonstrates selflessness daily.

I am so thankful on this Thanksgiving.

Digging through old archives of this most wonderful man

Wallace2007 277


hot man

Honeymoon! 039


kristian and katy said...

WE LOVE DONALD!! and are thankful for him as well :)

The Neaves' said...

Hope he had a wonderful birthday and yall had a very happy thanksgiving!!!

The Potters said...

He's so dreamy...

Donald and Angela said...

haha, isn't he though??? We miss you, Potters!