Friday, January 30, 2009

Good News

I love the Today Show. I am also growing to realize more and more that this is a love shared by many a stay-at-home momma or woman who gets to go to work a bit later or works from home. Sometimes, some struggle with choosing The Today Show or Good Morning America - but for me, it's always been the Today Show.

Saw this a few weeks back - thought it was amazing, and then stumbled upon it again this morning when I was perusing the Today Show website (looking for a recipe!).

This video also ties into my love for Laura Bush (well kind of, I guess) but it is wonderful. It is a hopeful and I think, delightful, side of "politics." The side that involves real lives and real memories being made.



Rachel said...

Wow! How neat. Thank you so much for sharing this touching video.

kristian and katy said...

that's awesome! love it.