Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun times in Little Elm

Abi and I journeyed up to Little Elm yesterday in our bi-monthly commute! (Jen and the boys come down here the other weeks of the month) It is so fun to watch Ben and Abi play together - compare and swap notes about what foods are yummy, how nap time is progressing (or sometimes not progressing!), have lunch and laugh!

The cousins competing for the toys (Ben is always very kind and shares easily - Abi is working on this concept as she is right now into the "taking.")

Oh, Brett is SO much fun right now - swapping pictures.

I was going to videotape Brett's little dance move that he's been working on. It's qutie impressive - look out Dancing with the Stars! Alas, my battery died on the video camera. Next time!

Hmmmm...never any adult pictures. Such is the case with mommyhood.

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kristian and katy said...

aw you're such a good mommy. looks like a fun time :)