Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, it sometimes truly is the small things in life. Donald and I are over the moon about our baseboards. Never before this experience would I have imagined getting so excited about baseboards. Truthfully, I never have really noticed them before. But now, oh, I love my baseboards! In the bedrooms we decided to keep the original baseboards, but in the bathrooms and the main area we redid them - they still need to be painted, but their presence will keep me excited through the week for sure!
Yep, that's right - me using a saw. I was really quite scared and intimidated at first. I wore my vest to try and look like Ty from Home Makeover.
Abi helped too:


anne said...

aw, fun! haha...funny how the simple joys of life change as you grow up... :)

kristian and katy said...

ahh!! Abi!!! she's too cute.

your boards look awesome!! i know it must feel so good to have that done. and way to go working so hard! looks like a fun family activity :)

therealcarguy said...

Nice to see that the whole family is getting into the act! Donald - looks like you got a new/bigger saw to handle the bigger baseboards. Good to see them installed; they look great!