Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Date Night

Donald's parents were fantastic and came over last night so that donald and I could go out and be crazy in dallas. That equated to dinner, a movie and Wild about Harry's. Ohhh, but it was so nice. With the joyful chaos of the holidays and with moving, it had been such a long time since we could just be the two of us. Dinner - just perfect, sitting and talking with my best friend. The movie - oh so sad - but so good. Somehow, donald came out of it still not wanting a dog. So much for that plan of mine. And Wild about Harry's - I was too cold to get out of the car (haha, so embarassing for someone who grew up where it actually does get cold!) But in my defense - we had heated seats and personal temperature control! Now, our car does not have those delightful features - but the 2009 saab that sewell is currently loaning us while our little saab-y is getting fixed does! Quite the sales tactic - bring your older car in - and then get romanced by this flashy newer version of your trusted friend. Sadly it worked on me - but reality's pull is harder! Sidenote - our warranty expires on Valentine's Day! Talk about good timing!


Rachel said...

Hooray for your much-needed date night! It sounds delightful.

kristian and katy said...

aww sounds like such a great night! i'm happy for you :)
miss you.