Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Science School – well, kinda

Oh Perot Museum – we sure do love thee.  Of course, your early childhood offerings will always be referred to in our house as ‘Science School’ – but hey, that’s what you get when you had a killer program at your old location. 


Abi’s taking a class at the museum – and it is just so awesome.  Stellar teachers / stellar curriculum / everything that makes this zoo-education nerd in me get REAL excited.    Their dinosaur unit just ended and they are currently diving into the world of plants and seeds!

photo 1(6)photo 2(7)

(can you tell we visit the dinos QUITE a bit?!)


So, just a little plug for the Perot Education Classes.  To quote Abi when asked where she has learned the most (the girl has had quite a little tour of early educational offerings in Dallas, poor thing)…”Hmm, well, I think Science School.”  Enough said.

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