Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Naturally, I like Earth Day.  This is no surprise to anyone.  My sweet husband was pretty sure Earth Day was on Friday.  But, I knew it was today.  Because you see, I like Earth Day.

photo 2(8)          

No super cute earth crafts…because I am not that creative or that organized to have had that forethought.

photo 1(8)

No major outings to the many excellent places that have Earth Day Celebrations…because I forgot to bring Abi a change of clothes (didn’t think gymnastics leotard and spandex capris would be appropriate) and I’m not always brave enough to conquer large ‘celebration’ types on my own with the three kiddos when William will probably need to eat (aka, nate gets strapped into the stroller for safety control!).

photo 2(9)

BUT….we can handle outside time with friends // hitting up the park // generally celebrating the splendor that is the beautiful earth we’ve been given!

photo 3(8)photo 1(7)

we planted some flowers in the side bed that we made a few years ago…very earth-day of us, don’t you think?

photo 5(4)photo 4(6)

we found the largest snake to date…just over 12 inches…I love that these two argue over who can hold the snake.  We’re all totally cut from the same cloth.  Love abi’s face.

photo 3(7)

photo 5(3)photo(13)

photo 4(5)

“I just love that the earth makes me think of Jesus.”

-Abi Wallace, when asked what she loves about the earth…heart is smiling.

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