Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh, these girls…

So, we got chickens.  I still giggle when I say that to someone.  They are SO fun and we are enjoying immensely our little homestead in the city.  Future blog post: our garden (or should I say, another attempt at our garden).  Seriously, we want a homestead.  But, still have access to excellent restaurants and museums.  Urban homestead = Wallace haven.

But, these five girls.  They are creating dust in our office, sweet little chirps in our ears, and shall I say a little love in our hearts.  Who knew one could love chickens?!

Cliche alert!!  We got these cute ones for Easter…on Good Friday:



Some introductions:


This is Lizzie (short for Elizabeth) – her breed was favored by the Royal Family in England…hence Elizabeth :)  She is so sweet and was the cutest chick for sure.  Super puffy.


Here’s Harriet.  She is my favorite.  She is the largest now and is like the big sister.  Kind of looks out for everyone.  I really hope she’s not a rooster (5% chance she is) – I would miss her if we had to give her back. 


Please meet Merida / Brave.  She is darling and RED.  A natural fit into the Wallace house!


This is Silver.  She is the most loved of all of the cuties.  Definitely marches to the beat of her own drum and is the most loving to everyone.  She loves to perch on shoulders and is quick to fly out of their brooder.


And this crazy is Daisy.  She is almost as big as Harriet.  We describe her as the girl next door.  Not the cutest to look at, but is pretty sweet.  Although, she is getting less sweet as she gets older!


Reading back over this, I sound crazy.  Or a weird chicken-lady.  Friends, keep me accountable.  BUT, they are so fun and do totally feel like loved pets!



They are crazy big now – and it is insane to me (the pictures above are from when they were 3 days old, they’re 3 weeks now!) that they will keep on getting bigger for a while!  We have about one more month of inside chickens until they move to the great outdoors.  Which means that D&I need to get in gear and build a coop!

More posts to come on these girls, I’m SURE!


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

I want to come play!! Cute chicks:)

Jennifer Hubley said...

Thanks so much for piloting this effort Wallace Family! If it's a success the Hubleys will be crazy right behind you. You know what they say..."a yard egg is so much better than a store bought egg."...or something like that;)