Monday, September 17, 2012

Things that are beautiful to me…


(sweet Will on his first trip to the lake)

One of my favorite “non-important” things that I’ve gained from marrying Donald is darn-good appreciation for the band ‘Waterdeep.’  Oh my.  What a goodie.  Soulful / folky (is that a word?  Don’t think so) / poetic – there are so many great things about this band.   The song we danced to at our wedding / what we sing to our kiddos at night / what we listen to in order to both praise and grieve…Waterdeep.


(little Nate admiring a huge moth on the flowers at the arboretum)

Anyhow…one of the choruses that I find myself singing alot when I am needing beauty / searching for goodness is this:

Its just like you to bring beauty to ashes
Its just like you, Lord it's just like you

It reminds me of this…God can make anything beautiful.  It is in His nature, it is His essence.  Beauty.  And can I tell you that in the middle of piles (and piles) of laundry - of feeling like I always smell because of having spit-up on my chest or chasing an 18 month old boy – of never having make-up on except on Sunday mornings :: I need reminders that play in my head that I am still part of something truly beautiful.  The unmade bed / the sink full of dishes / the crazy (funky, as abi calls it) hair…it is part of a beautiful life.  And I struggle to see that at times.  I need reminders.

photo 2(1) photo 3(1)

(a fantastic dinner party hosted by a delightful friend)

The other reminder…it is just like the Lord to be about these things.  He is good – He is FOR good things – it is just like him.  I serve a God who wants “bests.”  This is beautiful to me.

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