Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tomato Delight with Slave-Free Tomatoes

Rewind to the beginning of the summer – here I sit delighting at the season that begs me to eat BLT after BLT (which I am oh-so-happy to oblige!) and I had no idea that there was about to be a wave of discussion in our home about the little, beautiful tomato. 

American Slavery.  What??  Not a history lesson.  But, today, currently, there is a modern-day slave situation in our country surrounding tomatoes.  There are men and women who are treated unjustly as they harvest the millions of pounds of tomatoes that our country consumes.  We were blown away and our hearts were saddened.


 (aren’t these beautiful?  When we shopped for our co-op the last time…grown in Texas, no slavery here as far as I know)

So what to do??!!  These realizations beg for action to be taken on our part.  Thankfully there are great grocers in our area (Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s) that have made a commitment to only buy tomatoes from responsibly grown sources.  (PS – I’m always grateful when companies do some of the hard work – makes shopping and life a bit easier).


(the best kind of tomato – grown in Donald’s momma’s garden)

And then there is this – testifying to change and eating.  That is my kind of movement.  IJM has hosted throughout the summer really delicious recipes to encourage and remind us of the situation in Florida.

Check it out here.

An oldie-but-a-goodie.

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