Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Whenever I hear the word ‘eclipse’ I want to start singing “…a total eclipse of the heart…”  It brings back middle school memories. Ahhh, there – I’ve got that out of my system.

Because of the science/nature nerd in me – when I heard that the solar eclipse would be visible this past week; well, I had plans to see it.

This is what the lucky few in North Texas saw:

That is not what abi & I saw.


Oh well.

We walked outside at 8:15 – a comfortable 5 minutes before the eclipse was supposed to happen – and apparently I had overestimated how generous the hill on our street was; because we could not see anything!  Well, except for a pretty spectacular sky.  But, that was not the point of our 8:15 jaunt!!  So, Abi & I loaded up in the car and raced to the lake, driving to the highest point that I could think of that was super close to our house.


And we missed it.


I tried to stay upbeat for Abi (she wasn’t as excited as her crazy momma about the eclipse) – but we decided that it was still pretty fun to hang out in a field, in your pajamas, playing rock-paper-scissors (abi’s new favorite way to pass time in random locations – or in the car at stop lights.)


It was a memory nonetheless.  I’ll remember our silly chase, sitting in the field with a bunch of strangers, waiting for something that had already happened (thankfully a kind lady described it in great detail to abi!)  Special times with my girl.  Sometimes, it’s just about the story.

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