Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good ol’ times in Houston


Get ready for something truly shocking…the weather in Houston completely rocked.  I’m not trying to be extra negative on Houston (we have a ton of love for Houston and always have a delightful time there); but weather is not usually one of Houston’s finest qualities, in my opinion.  I had to eat my words a couple of weekends ago – the weather was perfect.  And do you know what adds to perfection?  Wonderful family who will heat up their pool so you can swim when it’s a delightful 75 degrees outside!!  Amazing!!

IMG_5922 IMG_5928  IMG_5936

We had MC’s party on Saturday morning (have I mentioned how morning parties are just awesome?!) and then we just got to hang out and enjoy each other and the weather for the rest of the weekend!  McGowns…thanks for the good times.  

IMG_5939 IMG_5968 IMG_5979

I love this next picture…extremely pensive while drinking capri suns.  Serious business.


So, here is to some time set aside for serious contemplation while enjoying something delicious!  I’m thinking coffee…

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Sarah said...

angela - i was there last week!