Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day

First off, let me tell you how delightful it’s been to read some of the articles/blog posts that have been circulating on Mother's Day.  So many honest, genuine ‘takes’ on a day that is beautiful and wonderful…but also can bring about expectations that are raised to some insanely high level that is just not practical OR honest.

So, bravo to honesty.

Bravo to genuine.  I will take another helping, please.

And bravo to acknowledge the good that the Lord has done in mommas and through mommas (and the good that is done in our hearts when delightful families celebrate mommas!) – yet also the freedom to proclaim that for some Mother’s Day is a day that can be filled with pain, with disappointment, and with longing.

This Mother’s Day, my beautiful family made me feel loved and treasured.

This Mother’s Day, our church highlighted the cause of the motherless, of the abandoned – and my heart ached, yet my spirit soared with the hope of a movement.

This Mother’s Day, I was thankful for the fantastic, biological momma that I have, the rockin’ mom that I was given through marriage, and the many spiritual moms who love me and offer me wisdom.

This Mother’s Day, I am thankful for a day to reflect, to be thankful, to be inspired, to PRAY more.


*Great post that made me laugh (and cringe) at some silly that has been in the news as of late.

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Jennifer Hubley said...

Your a beautiful mother!