Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something both wise and fun

I love it when wise and fun go together.  If life could always exist with those two in tandem…

Anyway, caused by a “phone dump” of pictures, we went through pictures of the past two years – probably more to come, but here’s some of the house that made me slow down and appreciate good ol’ hard work, family, laughter, and caused me to be amazed at how life happens so beautifully! 


YAY for post-pregnancy belly!!  You could potentially judge me for bringing an infant into a serious construction zone…so go ahead if you must.  (Looking at the main room from the front door – where the kitchen/french doors now are)


Please notice the holes in our walls :)


Yep, that’s a tent (goodness, I gained more pounds during pregnancy than I thought!!) and in that tent…


Dearest Grant and Chelle – I promise we cleaned that bouncy seat well and it went straight from the car into the tent and back again…don’t be afraid!


She’s going to be 2 in july!!!


Oh, ugly paint color and icky chandeliers…


And MORE changing of paint colors and insanely inefficient windows!


Can you say creepy??!!  Just a sampling of what we found in our garage attic.  Shiver.


I mean, really??!!  Ahhh, delight.


(excuse the graininess of the pics…thanks for walking down memory lane with us!)

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